I can’t say how I know, but he is racist AND homophobic as well. He really thinks homophobic jokes are funny. As for dating, he did date a trainee everyone knows about, but he cheated on her before. 

In SM there are black skin foreigners like African-American people and something like that who are part of staff. So, because they are staff or mentor, any trainee will call them “senior” and show respectful language towards them. Before, I heard Chanyeol say to a Korean trainee with black skin “To us he (African-American staff) is our senior, but to you he is just an older brother, right?” because of that trainee’s black skin. And every time there is a black foreigner, he will say to a black skin Korean trainee “Isn’t he your friend?” Or he will say something like “You have dark skin but why is your rap skill not good?” Anyway, I don’t like that kind of joke. It’s your decision if he is racist or not, but this is what I talked about before. I never said he hates any people. He doesn’t hate African-American people because of this joke. Before, he said he likes African-American music and hip hop culture. And, he likes to listen to hip hop artists. Also, he is friendly to African-American staff. But, this type of comment will be rude to the African-American people I think. And, I think this is a racist joke so I don’t like it.

And, one time a trainee made a comment about girls that made his image look a bit off. Another trainee then replied, “Are you sure you don’t like boys?” and all the trainees made a bad facial expression, but then they laughed. But when they sat down Chanyeol said “I don’t want to sit next to you to protect myself” and it made the trainees laugh again.

*washes my hands of park chanyeol forever*